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Many of the below decks were created as a substitute for muscle testing (for those uncomfortable with muscle testing). All decks are for entertainment purposes alone and not meant to be used as a replacement for professional or medical advice. This page will be phased out, so make sure to save a bookmark ofthis application at if you want to use it in the future.

Breakthrough: EFT Divination & Chakra Deck

EFT Muscle Testing Cards

Also known as the Breakthrough Deck (the deck with the white background in the picture on the left), this deck is an EFT Divination Deck with chakra features. It was created to help individuals who felt uncomfortable with muscle testing to have an alternative that could achieve a similar effect. Focus on a question related either to what block needs to be cleared or what chakra to work with. Then, select the appropriate drowdown menu for your question and press "Submit" to draw your card. More Info/Purchase >>


Release & Transform: Emotions & Timeframes Deck

Trapped Emotions Muscle Testing Cards

This deck can also be used to replace muscle testing in order to dig deeper when tapping through issues through allowing the user to detect emotions, memories and their timeframes. To use this deck, frame a question in your mind that you want to know what trapped emotion can be cleared and then click "submit" to select a card. Once knowing the emotion, you can then ask what time frame it occured, selecting the time frame feature from the drop down menu and, again, pressing "submit" to receive your card. More info/Purchase >>


The Color of Love Kit

Divination Cards for Love and Relationships

The Color of Love cards were created as a love reader as a way to read the energy, thoughts, intentions or future potential concerning a particular person in mind. The person in mind can be anyone there is a desire to form a relationship with or to ask what is the energy of a situation between two people. The Color of New Love (not included in the app) is for reading future love and when, where, and/or how you may meet. The kit of both decks including court/astrology cards and a pendulum chart is shown in the image on the left. More info/Purchase >>

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Find a Flower Essence, Homeopathic or Healing Technique

What Flower Essences, Homeopathic or Alternative Therapy could benefit you now? Please see the disclaimer tab before using. These decks are for research purposes only. You might want to check with a homeopathic or research int the properties of the homeopathic or flower essence before buying and using; to make sure it is a compatible fit. This applies to healing techniques as well.



Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Traditional Tarot Card Deck, one card draw. Courtesy of Ergomic Tarot Scripts. Sometimes, these cards can be used to research deeper into blocks and memories.

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